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Kimberly Myers: Home


"To play music is to ponder the greatness

and the greatest things of life."      

– Kimberly Myers

Meadow Woods Suite- (January 2012)

Meadow Woods Suite, Kimberly Myers' second album, takes listeners on an aural journey through nature Meadow_Woods_Suite_4.jpgwith melodic, reflective compositions featuring oboe, English horn, flute and piano.  The lush, intriguing and rich sound of this art music with its unique blend of instruments and impressionistic compositions appeals to listeners who enjoy the classical, new age, ambient and easy listening genres.  Physical CDs include an insert of listening notes that describes the music and instrumentation in the context of each piece on the album.  Hear sound samples...  

Sheet music is now available for:

Soar (Trio) Melody of the Birds - arranged for oboe, two flutes and piano

Afternoon Rain (Melody of the Storm) - arranged for solo piano and small chamber ensemble

Valley Night Cry (Melody of Darkness) - arranged for oboe, English horn and piano

Sheet Music Plus Home Page 2

Castle of Dreams (2010)

Kim's first CD, Castle of Dreams, is an eclectic blend of original contemporary classical, castle_cover.jpgCeltic & Appalachian-style songs.  This musical storybook of intriguing melodic canons with lush oboe and English horn lines, as well as spirited contemporary Irish tunes played on soprano and alto recorder, portrays a full range of artistic expression that is fresh and unique. Rounded out with compositions featuring rich chordal progressions on the piano, guitar and dulcimer, and subtle descants on the flute and Celtic harp, this album is a cross-over favorite for many listeners.  Hear sound samples...


"The music is uplifting and reflective, I have listened to it over and over." – M.W., Westminster, MD

"Bravo! Superbe artistry–a truly uplifting experience." – M.B., Towson, MD

"A little bit of heaven on earth!" —I.R., Westminster, MD

"I love the selections and tone colors. I am most impressed by the wonderful musicianship and interpretation of the music. It really lives." —B.M., Littlestown, PA

"I love your music.  I can listen to it all day and it just calms my soul when I hear it." —S.R., Hanover, PA

"In this album, Castle of Dreams, Kimberly Myers ties together Celtic and Appalachian-style music into an attractive, touching and enjoyable 42-minute listening experience. With each instrument she plays, she produces each note with intent and emotion, giving them life and vitality that you can hear and feel." —B. Bubb, Serene Moments Music Blog, August 21, 2011

Click below to see the video for the title song from the album, Castle of Dreams.  This piece features the piano, oboe, English horn and Celtic harp.  Click here to learn more about the castle and the making of the video.