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Kimberly Myers: Press

Review: Castle of Dreams

Posted by serenemoments on August 21, 2011

Over the years I’ve found myself enjoying a variety of music genres, from classical to new age, from electronic and ambient to instrumental and healing music. My music library isn’t extensive, but it has some of everything almost. A few days ago I purchased, from a local music store, “Castle of Dreams” by Kimberly Myers, a composer and multi-instrumentalist from the state of Maryland. In this album she ties together Celtic and Appalachian-style music into an attractive, touching and enjoyable 42-minute listening experience. With each instrument she plays, she produces each note with intent and emotion, giving them life and vitality that you can hear and feel. I’m not a big Celtic or Appalachian music lover, but “Castle of Dreams” is one of my new instrumental favorite. Each track ranges from calm and serene, to upbeat and fun. The diversity in this album is unique which sets this release apart from other albums. Kimberly released “Castle of Dreams” in 2010 and has plans to release another one very soon. Although I prefer electronic and ambient music to Celtic and Appalachian music, “Castle of Dreams” catches my attention and makes me want to listen. I thoroughly enjoy it, and hope you will too!

B. Bubb - Serene Moments Music Blog (Aug 21, 2011)